Space Analysis

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For the design, planning, or operating of satellite missions or systems of satellite, our validated and verified space operations tools are essential. When the cost of getting it wrong can be in the hundreds of millions it becomes imperative that you have the most accurate tools at your disposal, and you need them yesterday. Built by world-class engineers whose experiences span commercial, civil, defense, and intel operations, our orbit determination, maneuver planning and detection, and conjunction analysis technology is in use by the world’s leading satellite operators.

Key Features

  • High-fidelity orbit integrators
  • Satellite lifetime and long-term orbit predictors
  • Satellite constellation modeling
  • Targeted and custom attitude modeling
  • Optimal sequential filter and matched smoother to generate HiDEph orbits with realistic covariance
  • Unmatched support of measurement types (link to help)
  • Tracking measurement simulator
  • Mission control sequence for building complex trajectories
  • Targeting tools for station-keeping, rendezvous, and orbit-raising and -lowering
  • Formation flying
  • Unprecedented speed and scale for close approach analysis
  • 3-D visualization of error ellipsoids
  • Laser clearing
  • Launch window analysis
  • Scheduling of tasks and prioritization

See how STK and its optional modules are used in a variety of land, sea, air, and space applications

Technical Details

Once you have STK installed, evaluation licenses to most modules or extensions are available at any time, either through the registration process or by request.

How it is applied

Check out some of the land, sea, air and space applications and customers that use our technology.

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