Break down silos, facilitate collaboration, and accelerate computations.

To unlock the full potential of digital mission engineering, you need your platform in many hands and you need the right tools to manage and host your data. AGI Enterprise products maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire organization.

  • Work from anywhere you have a web browser and an internet connection.
  • Prevent data silos and the duplication of effort that inevitably results.
  • Share storage and processing of large geospatial data files.

STK Enterprise Products

STK Cloud

STK in your browser.

STK Data Federate (SDF)

Centralize STK data with AGI’s web-based Content Management System.

Geospatial Content Server (GCS)

Host, process, and serve terrain, imagery, and other heterogeneous 3D data.

STK Parallel Computing Server

Distribute computations to achieve faster execution times and higher resolution results.

Collaborate. Accelerate.