Centralize STK data with AGI’s web-based Content Management System.

STK Data Federate (SDF) is a scalable, open, and secure Content Management System (CMS). With SDF, you get a centralized data storage solution for sharing STK scenarios and other data. SDF’s web interface makes content organization easy and efficient while AGI’s Identity Platform makes your content secure. Keep your work in one place so your people can be in many.

Use cases

  • Share work across an organization.
  • Track file history and maintain different versions.
  • Improve accessibility for large collections of STK data.


  • Apache Solr search platform searches on file names. Metadata, and ASCII content.
  • Read-only sharing for users without an SDF account.
  • Scalable to accommodate more users as needs demand.
  • Automate and integrate with a well-documented REST API.

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