Distribute computations to achieve faster execution times and higher resolution results.

With STK Parallel Computing Server you can distribute large-scale jobs across multiple computing resources to process more at once. Share access to the server among multiple users to increase performance across your organization.

You can use Parallel Computing Server with STK to scale up Coverage, Deck Access, Chains, Volumetrics, and Analyzer trade study computations. Or, use one of the included Software Development Kits (SDKs) to parallelize computations for custom models and algorithms.

Image from STK Parallel Computing Server, AGI

Use cases

  • Accelerate STK computations.
  • Compute at a fidelity that would be beyond the capacity of a single, local computer.
  • Create a custom application that provides coarse grain parallelism of single threaded applications.
  • Add scalability to STK Components, STK Engine, or ODTK computations.


  • Leverage high-performance computing servers and other networked computing resources by sharing them with multiple users.
  • Web interface for server monitoring and maintenance.
  • Flexible design supports processing jobs in C#, Java, Python for custom computations.
  • .NET, Java, and Python APIs can be used with STK Components, STK Engine, and ODTK.

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