Simulate powered missile trajectories, intercept engagements, and defense system performance.

STK Missile Tool Kit comprises two applications —Missile Modeling Tool (MMT) and Missile Design Tool (MDT). MMT generates multi-stage missile trajectories, battle scenarios, and space launch trajectories that you can analyze and visualize in Systems Tool Kit (STK). MMT can compute trajectories using its proprietary algorithms and models in its database, or it can convert trajectory data from external simulations. MDT creates complete-system-level performance models of ballistic missiles, interceptors, and space launch vehicles that you can simulate in MMT. Missile Tool Kit is developed by SAIC.

Image from STK Missile Tool Kit, ICBM

Use cases

  • Create high-fidelity missile trajectories to augment STK scenarios.
  • Compute guaranteed and denied footprints.
  • Evaluate missile designs.
  • Simulate intercept engagements.


  • Intercept simulations can model debris generation and trajectories.
  • Functions of both applications support automation by script.
  • Thermal properties for missile models can be analyzed in STK's EOIR capability.
  • MMT's trajectory generators support ACD models.
  • MDT creates 3D visualization models of each missile system.
  • Objects in STK can participate in MMT simulations.

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