Optimize task scheduling for any type of space system.

STK Scheduler is a fully integrated STK extension for scheduling and planning space system tasking. Define tasks and resources, request de-conflicted schedule solutions, and analyze the results.

Scheduler is powered by a scheduling engine that finds better solutions in a shorter amount of time than traditional heuristic algorithms. The global search algorithm within this engine is based on neural network technology that not only outperforms traditional scheduling engines, but also finds solutions to larger and more complex problems. Scheduler is developed by Orbit Logic.

Image from STK Scheduler, AGI

Use cases

  • Maximize the number of tasks that your system can accomplish.
  • Optimize your system’s schedule around high priority tasks.
  • Adjust future plans based on the real results of an active system.


  • Import STK objects, access calculations, and event reports to define task scheduling windows and resource availability times.
  • Supports dynamic scheduling with locking tasks and sliding scheduling periods.
  • Schedule validation routine is independent from the de-conflictor.
  • Configurable Figure of Merit enables you to customize a schedule to your needs.

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