Model and simulate satellites and their subsystems.

STK SOLIS provides a complete spacecraft simulation environment in STK. It includes full rotational dynamics, attitude determination and control, sensor and actuator models, and power and payload modeling. Rapidly evaluate system trade-offs and ensure that spacecraft capabilities and constraints are considered early and satisfied at all times. Save configurations as templates so that you can quickly react to a change in mission requirements. SOLIS is developed with Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI).

Image from STK SOLIS, AGI

Use cases

  • Determine what attitudes will satisfy your power and thermal requirements.
  • Configure a spacecraft to meet the attitude determination, attitude control, power, and thermal mission requirements.
  • Determine the optimal slew sequence for observing key regions of interest.
  • Compute the frequency of downlinks necessary to transmit all of a spacecraft’s onboard data.
  • Model the effects of gravity gradient torques and magnetic field disturbances on your reaction wheel.


  • Graphical-interface simplifies configuration of spacecraft subsystems, simulation setup, and analysis.
  • Running actual flight software built on ASI's MAX Flight Software framework.
  • Fully-integrated with the DevTool to support custom algorithms and simulation components that interact with the core spacecraft.

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