Design high-fidelity spacecraft trajectories for mission planning and operations.

STK Astrogator has been used by space professionals for over two decades to model spacecraft trajectories and reveal mission-critical insights about them. You can use Astrogator to develop, refine, and validate solutions, then return to update subsequent stages of the mission in response to flight performance. Astrogator’s versatile and modular architecture provides a framework for addressing most spaceflight trajectory problems.

Image from STK Astrogator, AGI

Use cases

  • Plan high-fidelity, multi-regime trajectories.
  • Model rendezvous and proximity operations.
  • Plan maneuvers with search profiles to achieve specific results.
  • Model stationkeeping in any regime.
  • Design initial trajectories.
  • Develop interplanetary missions.


  • Supports trajectory design in all phases of mission planning, from initial estimations to final high-fidelity solutions.
  • Includes industry-standard optimization algorithms and high-fidelity force models.
  • Supports custom scripting and plugins.
  • Enables you to create custom, repeatable workflows to automate regular tasks and data products.
  • Supports impulsive and finite maneuvers.
  • Provides 3D visualization in STK.

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