Model electro-optical and infrared sensor performance.

STK EOIR models the detection, tracking, and imaging performance of electro-optical and infrared sensors. You can use EOIR to support concept development, design, field-testing, and operations. Systems Tool Kit (STK) takes this modeling to the big picture by considering EOIR performance in conjunction with sensor platform dynamics, communications, and other mission architecture elements to assess integrated performance.

Image from EOIR , AGI

Use cases

  • ​Support the design, development, and operation of imaging systems.
  • Model and simulate electro-optical system components for research, development, and systems integration.
  • Simulate accurate sample data and truth-values for the development of image analysis and evaluation techniques, algorithms, and tools.
  • Rapidly develop prototypes for proposals, presentations, and training.


  • Performance metrics such as target radiance/irradiance, background radiance/irradiance, scene photon signal-to-noise ratio (SNr), noise equivalent irradiance (NEI), and noise equivalent radiance (NEr).
  • Synthetic sensor scene with accurate models of Earth and space backgrounds.
  • Export sensor output images as bitmaps or ASCII raw data files.
  • Atmospheric and thin-layer cloud modeling.
  • Supports custom models, materials, target signatures, and thermal profiles.

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