Solve complex problems with advanced optimization algorithms.

STK Optimizer is a collection of optimization algorithms that you can use within STK Analyzer, including gradient based optimizers, genetic algorithms, multi-objective algorithms, and other heuristic search methods. STK Optimizer and STK Analyzer are developed in partnership with Phoenix Integration.

Image from STK Optimizer, AGI

Use cases

  • Maximize signal-to-noise ratio with optimal antenna properties.
  • Determine the best maneuver attitude-pointing to achieve a specific orbit.
  • Optimize maneuvers to minimize fuel usage.
  • Maximize an asset’s collection time over an area of interest.
  • Maximize the coverage of a defense system with optimal parameters. 


  • Optimize using the high fidelity models in STK, not just representative models.
  • Provides a wide variety of industry standard algorithms.
  • Uses the same interface as Analyzer, giving it the same exposure to STK variables.
  • Capable of solutions that would be infeasible with a brute force approach.
  • An algorithm selection wizard makes it easy to choose algorithms that will work best for a problem.

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