Increase compute performance for resource intensive analysis in STK.

STK Parallel Computing enables Systems Tool Kit (STK) to distribute many of its most computationally complex analysis tasks across multiple computing cores on the computer where it is installed. This capability is included in STK, to a maximum utilization of eight cores. You can unlock parallelization for more cores with additional licensing.

Image from STK Parallel Computing, AGI

Use cases

  • Accelerate STK computations.
  • Compute at a fidelity that would be beyond the capacity of a single CPU core.


  • Speed up Deck Access, Chains, Volumetric, STK Coverage, and STK Analyzer computations. 
  • Automatically turn parallel computing on and off for all supported computations. 
  • Integrated Job Monitor tracks status and progress of parallel jobs as they execute from within STK.
  • Configurable number of cores, control over reusing worker processes.

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