Add space environment variables to your orbit modeling and analysis.

STK Space Environment and Effects Tool (SEET) evaluates the effects of the space environment on a spacecraft. STK SEET provides comprehensive modeling of the near-Earth space environment and its expected impacts on a space vehicle. STK SEET calculates spacecraft exposure to ionizing particles, thermal radiation, and space debris throughout the orbit. This level of analysis is becoming critical as higher levels of debris and energetic natural phenomena (such as solar flare activity) are increasing the environmental risks to spacecraft.

Image from STK, SEET

Use cases

  • Compute the total radiation that a satellite will be subjected to during its lifetime.
  • Determine entry and exit times for the South Atlantic Anomaly.
  • Compute the expected particle impacts on a satellite.
  • Determine the optimal amount of shielding for your satellite, appropriate for its orbit without unnecessary weight.
  • Compute the expected temperature of your satellite.
  • Determine precise windows to shut down instrumentation while in the South Atlantic Anomaly.


  • Seamlessly integrate scientific models of the space environment with STK.
  • Create reports, graphs, dynamic displays, and strip charts of SEET calculations.
  • Include magnetic fields and the South Atlantic Anomaly in visualizations.
  • Constrain access based on space environment effects.

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