Compute urban environment losses in RF communications.

STK Urban Propagation extends the capabilities of STK Communications by computing diffraction losses in an urban environment and applying them to your link budget. Urban Propagation accounts for the impacts of buildings, terrain, and ground reflections. You can assess these effects to plan for link outages and asset redundancy, and to decide the placement of antennas, flight routes, and test locations.

Image from STK Urban Propagation, AGI

Use cases

  • Analyzing dynamic link performance.
  • Modeling Urban propagation impacts on both signal attenuation and receiver temperatures.
  • Analyzing system-level interference.


  • Leverages all STK, STK Professional, STK Analysis Workbench, and STK SatPro functionality.
  • Polarization models - RHCP, LHCP, linear, vertical, horizontal, elliptical.
  • Comprehensive data reporting.