Model and analyze real-world dynamic RF and optical communications.

STK Communications simulates the performance of communications systems in the context of their missions. With Communications, you can model all the physical components of a system, including the RF environment. Assess the impacts of a wide variety of conditions and interference. Conduct comprehensive link budget analyses. Create reports of the results and visualize them with 2D and 3D graphics.

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Use cases

  • Analyze link budget performance in a dynamic mission environment.
  • Evaluate jamming and interference impacts.
  • Incorporate GNSS and communications signal availability in aircraft mission planning.
  • Analyze network architectures in operational mission environments.
  • Demonstrate mission impacts of new antenna technology during design.
  • Analyze the impact of vehicle structures on antenna patterns, antenna placement, and signal performance.
  • Decide optimal placement of system assets.
  • Plan for link outages.


  • Quickly build high-fidelity models.
  • 3D visualization of numerous RF variables, including signal performance contours and beam volumes.
  • Fully integrated with STK’s analytical capabilities, including 2D coverage and 3D volumetric analysis, and STK Analysis Workbench.
  • Easy to integrate with MATLAB and other third-party applications.
  • Numerous receiver, transmitter, and antenna models. And, you can import additional custom and third party models (ITU, REMCOM, ANSYS)
  • Models multibeam and phased array antennas.
  • Provides a full range of RF environment models.
  • Time-varying constraints, such as Doppler shift and bit error rate.
  • HF propagation modeling with a direct integration of the VOACAP model.

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