Automate STK and integrate it with other applications to extend its capabilities.

STK Integration enables you to automate repetitive tasks from outside Systems Tool Kit (STK), integrate other applications with STK, and access STK’s capabilities from other applications. Integration provides access to two APIs — the STK Object Model and Connect. All the components of Integration are fully documented, and AGI maintains a GitHub repository of code samples to help you get started with the STK Object Model.

Use cases

  • Automating STK to perform large trade studies and analysis cases.
  • Extracting results and data from STK analysis to use in outside applications.
  • Importing outside data into STK to use for further analysis.
  • Building custom workflows and GUI's to expand on STK and its analysis capabilities.


  • Automate anything in STK.
  • Build tools in any environment that supports standard COM automation.
  • Two-way communications pathway between STK and MATLAB.
  • Real-time GIS display and analysis with the ArcGIS bundle.

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