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STK Professional (STK Pro) deepens the realism of the systems that you model in Systems Tool Kit (STK). Building on the capabilities that serve as STK’s foundation, STK Pro introduces advanced access constraints, flexible sensor shapes, complex visibility links, more object tracks and digital terrain data.

Select, build, or import precise models of ground, sea, air, and space assets and combine them to represent existing or proposed systems. Simulate the entire system in action, at any location and at any time, to gain a clear understanding of the system behavior and its mission performance.

STK Pro transforms your digital engineering work.

Image from STK Professional, AGI

Start with a scenario. The scenario is the sandbox of STK's digital mission engineering environment.

Add models of your systems. Your models can range from low-fidelity stand-ins to full-fidelity simulators. Use your STK scenario to evaluate all your models and their interactions continually throughout the program life cycle.

Analyze your systems in their full mission context. Evaluate all their characteristics — from the position and orientation of individual objects (in any reference frame) to the relative geometry between objects — and their physics-based interactions.

Communicate and decide. Prepare reports and graphs from tens of thousands of measurements in STK. Put it all on display with compelling, precise, 2D and 3D renderings and animations. Leave nothing to the imagination.


  • Support for complex glTF 3D model animations.
  • Additional object constraints such as AER rates, solar constraints, temporal constraints, and more. 
  • Introduces the chain and constellation objects. 
  • Advanced attitude capabilities including more attitude profiles, 3D attitude graphics, and attitude coverage.
  • Additional data providers for reporting and graphing the new analytical capabilities.
  • Advanced sensor properties, such as sensor definition and pointing. 
  • Increased terrain functionality.
  • Additional utilities and tools such as deck access, obscuration, and the imagery and terrain converter.

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