Create animated GIFs from STK images

It doesn’t matter how you say it, either like the gif or jif, everyone loves a good GIF!

STK produces great images and amazing Hi-Res videos, but what if you want to make a GIF from your amazing STK scenarios? There are some great online GIF creators that are free. These creators stitch together stacks of images to make an aerospace GIF!

To produce stacks of images, you can use the Movie Timeline Tool in STK. You can use Bitmap, Tagged Image, or JPEG. Make sure you save these images to a separate folder because STK will create an image at each step.

STK EOIR has the ability to make stacks of images from the Synthetic Scene! Currently there is no way to make a video from this data, but you can make a GIF! So, I use these GIF Makers to make my own animated GIFs with EOIR data. The image below shows how to enable the generation of the scene bitmap. Once you enable it, it will continue to save  Bitmaps, with each step. I suggest just stepping through the steps to generate enough images to make a GIF, or make sure the animation stops at a Stop Time, and  then just play the scenario and allow it to render all the frames as you get a cup of coffee.

Once you create a stack of Images, use the super easy GIF makers to generate your own GIF. These GIF makers are not for advanced technology users like us STK users, so you should not have a problem following the steps online. SInce you are uploading images to an online portal, be careful that you do not upload any sensitive images. There is an offline application for any sensitive data.

Here are a few GIFs created in STK!

These GIFs work great in PowerPoint presentations and on websites! They do not work in some email clients and in Word documents. Happy GIFing!

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