Model and analyze radar systems.

STK Radar simulates radar system performance in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) or Search/Track modes. With Radar, you can model Monostatic, Bistatic, and Multifunction radars in the context of your mission to account for the participation of every asset. Assess the impacts of a wide variety of conditions and interference on your radar system. Evaluate the results with reports, graphs, and 2D and 3D visualization.

Image from STK Radar, Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer

Use Cases

  • Analyzing dynamic radar performance.
  • Modeling RF environments.
  • Analyzing system-level interference.
  • Examining long distances to determine latencies from deep space.
  • Modeling Sun, Earth, cosmic and other environmental impacts on both signal attenuation and radar receiver temperatures.
  • Simulating benign and denied communications environments.
  • Deciding optimal placement of system assets.


  • GIS-exportable contours.
  • 4/3 Earth, ITU and SCF refraction model.
  • Sun and Earth RFI Cloud/Fog Loss Models.
  • Crane and ITU rain models.
  • Atmospheric absorption models.
  • Comprehensive data reporting.

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