STK Premium (Space) adds advanced modeling of space-based platform and payload systems to STK Pro, including advanced orbit design and maneuver planning for satellite and spacecraft missions. It also includes advanced analytical tools to enable you to further understand system performance and design capabilities.

Advanced analytical functionalities

  • Electro-optical infrared (EOIR) sensor performance and image prediction
  • ModelCenter’s advanced optimization algorithms and trade study tools
  • Parallel computing across multiple cores
  • Ability to ingest and analyze live or simulated real-time data feeds, including interoperability with VR-Link Toolkit
  • High resolution global terrain, imagery, and map data

Space domain modeling functionalities:

  • High-fidelity orbit propagation
  • Deep space trajectory design
  • Rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO)
  • Conjunction analysis
  • Orbit maneuver planning
  • Attitude modeling
  • Power generation, storage, and consumption modeling
  • Satellite constellation design
  • Launch window analysis
  • Space environment effects

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Advanced analytical tools and higher fidelity modeling in the space domain.

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STK Premium (Space) includes all the capabilities of STK Pro plus...

Advanced Analytical

Analyzer and Optimizer

Perform automated trade studies with the fully integrated analysis capabilities of ModelCenter.

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Model electro-optical and infrared sensor performance.

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Real-Time Tracking Technology (RT3)

Analyze live or simulated real-time data feeds.

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Distributed Simulation (DSim)

Analyze distributed simulation data feeds in STK.

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Design high-fidelity spacecraft trajectories for mission planning and operations.

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Design and operate satellite systems with specialized propagators, attitude profiles, and satellite engineering tools.

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Conjunction Analysis

Detect and assess potential collisions in space.

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Space Environment Effects Tool

Add space environment variables to your orbit modeling and analysis.

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