Satellite AR


A New Satellite Viewer

Ever wonder which satellites are flying above you? Ever seen a light flashing by in the sky and wish you’d been able to identify it? Now you can with our free app, Satellite AR.

Start by searching for a specific satellite or from a suggested list. The app will display current positions and projected orbits.

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Get the bigger picture

Want more information about the satellite and its position in space? Switch to "Globe View," an integrated 3D globe powered by Cesium to get a top-down look.

From there, you can select satellites, manipulate the camera, and explore the system as you wish!


How Does it Work?

The app uses your mobile GPS or wireless network to determine your position. Our server computes overhead satellite visibility for your location. We combine satellite data from with analysis from AGI Components, returning azimuth and elevation data back to the mobile device for display.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope you enjoy using Satellite AR!