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Celebrate Apollo 11 with AGI

By: Maggie Handler

It’s the anniversary celebration space nerds everywhere have been waiting for. And the space nerds at AGI have been working hard on our own Apollo 11 50th anniversary activities.

Recreating Apollo 11 using STK Astrogator

AGI Engineer Austin Claybrook has painstakingly recreated the entire nine-day mission using our trajectory design and analysis tools.

  • Recreating Apollo 11 using STK Astrogator webinar. Austin discusses how he built the Apollo 11 scenario in STK, including some errors he found in the original source material.
  • Recreating Apollo 11 and 13 video "spacecast". John Carrico and Mike Loucks from Space Exploration Engineering discuss the recreation of Apollo 13 and compare with Austin’s experience recreating Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 recreation training series

A three-part, hands-on, virtual training series using the Apollo 11 mission to develop lunar trajectories using STK Astrogator. And yes, Austin Claybrook will be leading this, too, along with our superb training team. Need more Apollo 11? Houston, we have NO problem! Check out our Apollo 11 events page.

Posted: 5/28/2019 9:06:53 PM