AGI's ready-to-use STK and ODTK families of products, enterprise software, and developer tools help customers deliver digital engineering value and make better-informed decisions in a mission context at any stage in the program lifecycle: from planning and design to training and operations.


Satellite Design and Operations

An inclusive modeling environment that enables timely decision-making about complex, inter-related land, sea, air, and space systems. Supports all project or program lifecycle stages.


Space Support

Desktop and enterprise tools that enable next-generation Space Situational Awareness (SSA), battlespace management, and space traffic management.


Intelligence Analysis

Flexible software that fuses disparate datasets into a common environment for timely mission planning and performance assessment.


Aircraft Design and Operations

Plan, model, and analyze complex interactions in a mission context between aircraft and other land, sea, air, and space systems using an inclusive, simulated environment.


Missile Systems

Model, analyze, and visualize complex relationships between whole-system components such as sensors, ships, missiles, and aircraft in a mission context.


Development Tools

Desktop, development kits, web-clients, or server-based components provide tools to integrate, customize, or share work across any organization or platform.


Related Solutions


Build 3D maps using CesiumJS together with the 3D content and tiling pipelines in Cesium ion.


OneSky provides industry-leading analytics for aerospace systems, particularly within the commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market.


The Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC) fuses satellite tracking measurements from a global network of sensors to generate the world's most accurate Space Situational Awareness (SSA).

Satellite Design and Operations
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Satellite Design and Operations