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STK modeling expands beyond straightforward physics-based calculations to detailed, highly accurate domain-specific calculations for land-, sea-, air-, as well as space-based systems. For example, adding RF characteristics to system constraints turns STK into a high-end communications modeling tool regardless of the platform. Or by including realistic aircraft performance models to our route planning capabilities you are able to accurately predict airframe performance windows as well and ranging limitations.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Ability to model RF communication links and link budgets
  • Interference analysis
  • Radar system modeling
  • Missile flight performance
  • Intercept modeling
  • Aircraft flight performance modeling
  • Rendezvous and formation flying
  • Detection, tracking, and imaging performance

See how STK and its optional modules are used in a variety of land, sea, air, and space applications

Technical Details

Once you have STK installed, evaluation licenses to most modules or extensions are available at any time, either through the registration process or by request.

How it is applied

Check out some of the land, sea, air and space applications and customers that use our technology.

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