More organizations rely on commercial technology for cost-effective solutions as the foundation for their mission-critical systems. AGI has built an enterprise platform that is based on our commercial software capabilities that can be readily adapted to the needs of your operations center, situational awareness platform or enterprise modeling and simulation tools. We designed our technology to be different and always consider the big picture. Our solutions have the versatility to be applied to a vast array of complicated problems.

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Space Operations

AGI offers extensive space capabilities that are built in a service-oriented architecture designed for scalability, reliability, full-database integration, secure operations and web-based user interactions. They are a complete redesign of our capabilities from our engineering tools built for the server that only we’re capable of delivering. Some of these capabilities include catalog maintenance and observation processing, maneuver processing, sensor tasking, conjunction assessment, integrated, web-based visualization and best-in-breed orbit determination.

Where it is used

The U.S. Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC)/Space Superiority Systems Directorate (SY) selected AGI to provide space capabilities to the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Mission System (JMS) program.

The Space Data Association uses AGI technology in their automated SSA system that provides satellite owner/operator safety of flight and RFI analysis. Learn more about their Space Data Center.

The Commercial Space Operations Centers (ComSpOC) has used a global network of commercial sensors to provide exquisite SSA analysis and safety of flight for government and commercial customers since it began operations in 2014. Learn more about the ComSpOC.


Unmanned Traffic Management

AGI has proven, validated and deployment-hardened technology available today that delivers the core Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) traffic management (UTM) services for safe operations. To better support the urgent need for UAS traffic management, AGI has created a business unit to specifically build a UTM operations center. Learn more about AGI's UTM.
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Multi-Domain Operations

AGI technology delivers a full, multi-domain, multi-asset, theater-wide Common Operating Picture. It improves ISR decision-making through collection mission optimization; multi-int data fusion; tipping and cueing; sensor coverage analysis; and communications analysis.

AGI's software is deployed through the development of entire systems, or integrated into existing systems using development kits or web services. Concepts can be demonstrated and then deployed much faster compared to traditional systems development programs. The technology is used in more than 1,000 deployed ISR systems—including DCGS-AF, DCGS-A and JIOC.

Where it is used

USAF Air Mobility Command is currently using an AGI solution for providing operational situational awareness and decision support called GLADS. The solution combines live tracks with other supporting information such as weather, intelligence and logistical support in a time dynamic data analysis engine. It uses over a thousand authoritative data layers in a single system to dramatically improve collaboration for pre-mission planning, real time operations, simulated operations and post mission debrief. This enables decision support by modeling mission parameters in effort to predict future events and lower mission risk. Learn more about GLADS.


Test & Evaluation

AGI technology can be used to coordinate and schedule test resources, plan test missions, optimize the capture of test points and quickly assess test effectiveness and anomalies. Our solution is a comprehensive integrated analysis environment and supports concept-to-operational management of military and civilian manned and unmanned aircraft. The US Department of Defense successfully used this in the development of the F-35 Lightning II program to save money on flight testing. Learn more about STK Test & Evaluation Tool Kit.

How is it applied?

Check out some of the land, sea, air and space applications and customers that use our technology.

Want to learn more?

Check out our resource page for a library of information, white papers, and videos.