2014 Report on AGI's ComSpOC and other SSA Initiatives

October 2014

SSA ComSpOC conjunction analysis maneuver detection orbit estimation catalog HiDEph space events measurements commercial

A Comparison of Lunar-landing Trajectory Strategies Using Numerical Simulations

November 2010

Astrogator Apollo Ranger Surveyor trajectory design artificial intelligence fuel use transfer maneuver design

A Critical Assessment of Satellite Drag and Atmospheric Density Modeling

October 2008

LEO gasdynamic drag effects force atmospheric

A Description of Filters for Minimizing the Time Required for Orbital Conjunction Computations

August 2009

classical filters CA collisions all on all ephemerides TLE two line element COSMOS Iridium Hoots Healey SGP4

A Preliminary Analysis of State Vector Prediction Accuracy

August 2007

AAS 07-358 navigation services GPS on-board OD ODTK orbit determination POE precision orbit ephemerides

Accommodating Rectangular Objects in Probability Calculations

August 2004

AIAA 2004-5217 collision probability covariance ellipsoid

Addressing Nonlinear Relative Motion for Spacecraft Collision Probability

August 2006

CAT close approach conjunction propagation velocity covariance voxel grid Mahalanobis ellipsoid

Advances in Satellite Conjunction Analysis

September 2010

web services SOA all on all satellite conjunctions CAT collisions debris

An Analysis of State Vector Prediction Accuracy

August 2007

ODTk orbit determination radar optical measurements bias precision orbit ephemerides POE POEs TLE SSA GPS

An Analysis of State Vector Propagation Using Differing Flight Dynamics Programs

October 2007

AAS 05-199 space catalog TLE ephemerides flight dynamics propagation

Analysis of the 2007 Chinese ASAT Test and the Impact of its Debris on the Space Environment

September 2007

Chinese ASAT 20017 debris space surveilleance offensive counterspace TLE norad direct ascent

Analysis of the Iridium 33 - Cosmos 2251 Collision

September 2009

close approach conjunction analysis space debris CAT STK

Analysis of the Response of a Space Surveillance Network to Orbital Debris Events

January 2008

space debris SSN anti-satellite asat sensors OD orbit determination

Angles only Three-axis Attitude Determination

August 2010

optimal estimate Gauss-Newton estimation sequence quaternion estimator magnetometer sun sensor

Anti-satellite Engagement Vulnerability

August 2009

Defensive counter-space missile kinetic satellite interceptor


August 2005

integration atmospheric behavior predictions solar flux geomagnetic drag Schatten radio stochastic

Approximate-Optimal Feedback Guidance for Soft Lunar Landing Using Gaussian Process Regression

August 2017

A recently-developed optimal feedback synthesis method based on Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) is applied to soft lunar landing guidance.

Assessing Satellite Conjunctions for the Entire Space Catalog using COTS Multi-Core Processor Hardware

August 2009

collision commercial off the shelf Iridium Cosmos mult-core processor

Attitude Covariance Visualization

August 2002

atttude covariance target error pointing

Attitude Interpolation

February 2003

nonlinearity kinematics polynomial trajectories optimization spinners maneuver design

Attitude Parameterizations as Higher Dimensional Map Projections

February 2011

AAS 11-134 three parameter attitude azimuthal unit sphere kinematics Rodrigues control law quaternion

Benefits of Hosted Payload Architecture for Improved GEO SSA

September 2011

AMOS space catalog surveillance SSN orbit determination sensors optical hosted payloads

Beta Conjunction Analysis Tool

August 2007

CAT conjunction collision non-linear relative motion linear maximum probability dilution region covariance

Calculation of Weak Stability Boundary Ballistic Lunar Transfer Trajectories

August 2000

lunar astrogator orbital design deep space

Closed loop Near Optimal Slew Control using Interpolation Polynomials without Angular Velocity

August 2003

slew attitude angular velocity high accuracy star trackers attitude control LaGrange interpolation

Collision Avoidance Maneuver Planning Tool

August 2005

single axis dual axes covariance matlab collision avoid conjunction

Commercial Air Surveillance for Sovereign Maritime Domain Awareness

October 2007

maritime domain awareness aircraft visualization

Comparisons Between Newton-Raphson and Broyden's Methods for Trajectory Design Problems

August 2011

AAS 11-480 Astrogator maneuver planning trajectory design orbit transfers interplanetary trajectories root-finding algorithms

Comprehensive GEO Collision Risk Assessment

October 2017

Dan Oltrogge's white paper about the increased GEO collision risks

Contribution of Physical Layer Uncertainties To Directed Energy Applications

November 2005

directed energy air space platforms laser propagation environment obstructions atmosphere space loss interference

Coordinate Effects on the Use of Orbit Error Uncertainty

May 2014

spacecraft orbit uncertainty space operations ssa space situational awareness measurements coordinates covariance linearity

Correct Modeling of the Indirect Term for Third-Body Perturbations

August 2007

JPL DE 405 spice files numerical integration

Covariance Realism

August 2009

covariance comparison against real-time data estimation prediction error conjunction Kolmogorov-Smirnov

Critical Targeting using Responsive Tactical Satellites

April 2006

rapid response responsive space SSA AIAA

Curvalinear Coordinates for Covariance and Relative Motion Operations

August 2011

AAS 11-464 linearized equations force models equi-distant cyclindrical frame Hills solution

Customizing STK for the Near Mission

February 1997

asteroid NEAR rendezvous maneuver STK triaxial ellipsoid

Deconfliction Scheduler Algorithms

July 2004

STK Scheduler Optwise priority resources coverage optimization

Determination of Close Approaches Based On Ellipsoidal Threat Volumes

February 1999

ellipsoidal threat volumes conjunction fixed time-varying

Determination of Close Approaches for Constellations

November 1997

collision orbital planes CERISE filters apogee inclination

Determination of Close Approaches for Earth-Fixed Launch Trajectories

February 1998

constellations LEO blackout intervals filters exclusion zone collision Hoots

Determination of Orbit Cross-Tag Events and Maneuvers with Orbit Detective

July 2011

maneuver detection events low-pass filters calibration NCT non-cooperative tracking radar optical

Effect of Coordinate Selection on Orbit Determination

August 2013

AAS 13-825 linear estimation techniques orbit error covariance state filtering equinoctial cartesian

Effects of Cross Correlated Covariance on Spacecraft Collision Probability

February 2004

collision probability non-zero cross correlation filter orbti determination ellipsoid

Effects of Eclipse Boundary Crossings on the Numerical Integration of Orbit Trajectories

August 2000

trajectories force modeling equations of motion HEO LEO orbit

Efficient Covariance Interpolation using Blending of Approximate State Error Transitions

August 2013

CA conjunction analysis orbit catalog interpolation estimation

Efficient Solutions of Kepler's Equation via Hybrid and Digital Approaches

January 2014

AAS 14-228 hybrid techniques corrective step methods non-iterative Euler rotation angles GEO astrodynamics convergence

Enterprise Data Management with the STK Data Federate

September 2013

Enterprise data management Richard Page

Ephemeris Requirements for Space Situational Awareness

February 2011

ephemerides ssa threat detection preceision interpolation

Estimation of Instantaneous Maneuvers Using a Fixed Interval Smoother

August 2003

maneuver reconstruction calibration sequential filter fixed interval smoother

Evaluating Gooding Angles only Orbit Determination of Space-based Space Surveillance Measurements

April 2010

GEO space-based sensors SBSSorbit determination IOD STK

Evaluating the Short Encounter Assumption of the Probability of Collision Formula

February 2012

AAS 12-248 probability gaussian frigm rohrbaugh relative long term short term TCA

Exploratory-Study of STK Toward an Integrated Visualization Architecture for Capability Engineering

May 2011

C4ISR visualization decision support mult-domain situational awareness

Fidelity at High Speed - Wireless Insite Real-Time Module

October 2009

IED detection defense Insite rapid propagation urban environment radio

Flexible Architecture for Creating Scheduling Algorithms

March 2013

Optwise STK Scheduler scheduling tasks resources profiles heuristics

Formation Flying of a Telescope Occulter System with Large Separations in an L2 Libration Orbit

September 2008

L2 libration Sun Earth formation flying space surveillance impulsive finite low-thrust

Future Options for Civil Timekeeping UTC and the Alternatives

May 2014

AAS 13-524 ITU UTC leap second time scale

Generalization of Adaptive Attitude Tracking

August 2002

control laws rigid body kinematics passive non-linear systems

Generation of Simulated Tracking Data for LADEE Operational Readiness Testing

November 2017

Generation of Simulated Tracking Data for LADEE Operational Readiness Testing. AAS 15-381

Getting to Know Our Space Population from the Public Catalog

July 2011

AAS 11-416 TLE debris ring shells spherical zone orbital elements spatial density non-cooperative tracking

Global Atmospheric Density Estimation Using a Sequential Filter-Smoother

August 2011

estimation ODTK orbti determination optimal atmospheric density jacchia 1970 uncertainty modeling

Goodness of Fit Tests for Sequential Orbit Determination

February 2010

estimation observations residuals

GPS Composite Clock Analysis

January 2008

GPS operations UTC/TAL pseudorange mean phase Kalman

How the Space Data Center is Improving Safety of Space Operations

September 2010

SDC catalog measurements SOCRATES SDA CA conjunction

Implementation Issues Surrounding the New IAU Reference Systems for Astrodynamics

January 2006

standards high precision timing accuracy celestial pole precession-nutation barycentric reference J2000 mean equinox

Improved Conjunction Analysis via Collaborative Space Situational Awareness

January 2008

Chinese ASAT 2007 USA 193 intercept orbit debris threat coliisions

Improving Satellite Surveillance through Optimal Assignment of Assets

October 2003

This report investigates the use of linear programming to optimise the performance of constellations of small satellites when the constellation design for a particular mission is known.

Including Velocity Uncertainty in the Probability of Collision Between Space Objects

February 2012

AAS12-247 position uncertainty monte carlo

Integrated Surveillance Model for Assessment of Surveillance Architectures and Operations

May 2011

sensors surveillance payloads operations coverage real-time dta

Integration of Orbit Trajectories in the Presence of Multiple Full Gravitational Fields

January 2008

AAS 08-235 Earth-Moon Jovian point masses gravitational fields gravity integrated trajectory high-fidelity orbit propagation force modeling interplanetary missions

Investigating Orbital Debris Events Using Numerical Methods with Full Force Model Orbit Propagation

January 2008

high fidelity orbit propagation HPOP CA conjunction analysis debris modeling reentry

Least Squares GEO Initial Orbit Determination (LS GEO IOD)

May 2010

fast-running algorithm refined orbit determination least squares estimates

Minimum Order Adaptive Control

August 2000

attitude error trajectories attitude dynamics stabilization tracking control

Mitigation of the Effects of Eclipse Boundary Crossings

February 2001

numerical integration encke type correction orbit trajectory orbit perturbations

Multi-Phenomenology Observation Network Evaluation Tool - MONET

September 2014

AMOS 2014 RSO SSA space-based optica performancel radar passive RF sensors orbit determination scheduling

Multiple Model Propagation of High Area-to-Mass (HAMR) Objects usin an Enck Type Correction Algorithm

May 2014

attitude dependent forces faster propagation Encke multiple model propagation adaptive estimation numerical integration orbit

Nonlinear Variable Lag Smoother

January 2008

VLS multi-dimensional estimation problems filter smoother ODTK orbit determination

OD and Acquisition for LADEE and LLCD Mission Operations

November 2017

Orbit Determination and Acquisition for LADEE and LLCD Mission Operations. AAS 15-257

OD of Satellites in Lunar Orbit using an Optimal Sequential Filter

November 2017

Orbit Determination of Satellites in Lunar Orbit using an Optimal Sequential Filter. AAS_08-103

Operating Characteristic Approach to Effective Satellite Conjunction Filtering

February 2013

conjunction screening collision geometric pre-filters time filter

OPNET STK Modeling UAV Network

September 2003

UAV network modeling OPNET STK interoperability packet switching data routing protocols

Optimal Orbit Determination

January 2002

sequential processing linearization orbit determination

Optimal Time Transfer

November 2009

undifference GPS carrier-phase pseudo range measurements UTC near real time

Orbit Determination during High Thrust and Low Thrust Maneuvers

January 2005

ANIK low thrust fuel efficiency sequential filter long duration

Orbit Determination for the LRO

November 2017

Orbit Determination for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter using an extended Kalman Filter

Orbit Determination of Satellites in Lunar Orbit Using an Optimal Sequential Filter

January 2008

lunar orbits deep space optimal sequential filter moon prospector

Orbit Determination Results from Optical Measurements

August 2010

optical measurements tracking data orbit determination ODTK SDA SOCRATES geosynchronous

Orbit Determination Tool Kit Theory and Algorithms

November 2013

IOD initial Least squares batch filter sequential processing smoother kalman optimal

Orbit Determination Tool Kit -v5

February 2007

ODTK Orbit Determination sequential kalman filter smoother weighted least squares estimator

Orbit Determination Using ODTK v6

May 2010

orbit determination ODTK Kalman sequential filter measurement biases smoother

Orbit Gravity Error Covariance

January 2008

optimal OD orbit determination covariance matric error graity modeling estimation filter sequential filter-smoother low altitude orbits

Orbital Covariance Estimation

February 2004

space objects position covariance orbital motion

Orbital Debris Visualization

August 2007

visualization orbital debris modeling collision conjunction analysis breakup modeling pixel graphics

Parametric Characterization of SGP4 Theory and TLE Positional Accuracy

September 2014

TLE RSO orbit inclinations mean element state vectors general perturbations orbit operations SSA EGP enhanced HPOP force model

Parametric Optimization of Closed-loop Slew Contol using Interpolation Polynomials

January 2006

Slewing multiple targets optimizing angular acceleration torque attitude modeling spacecraft design quaternion

Position Covariance Visualization

August 2002

position covariance orbit estimation TLE SGP4 3D visualization estimation

Post-Maneuver Orbit Accuracy Recovery Analysis

February 2010

maneuvers measurement types uncertainties post-maneuver solution orbit determination

Precession-nutation Theories and their Implementation

August 2009

nutation celestial reference frame numerical standards

Pre-Launch OD Design and Analysis for the LADEE Mission

November 2017

Pre-Launch Orbit Determination Design and Analysis for the LADEE Mission

Progress in International Space and Astrodynmics Standards

January 2006

standards conjunction probabilities orbit lifetimes launch collision astrodynamics analysis practices

Proximity Operations for Space Situational Awareness

September 2006

proximity operations SSA closed-loop maneuvers fuzzy logic simulation offensive space counterspace

QQPlote for Sequential Orbit Determination

August 2011

kalman sequential orbit determination quantile residuals

Real-time Estimation of Local Atmospheric Density

August 2003

global atmospheric Density doppler real-time range LEO ODTK orbit determination

Reducing Software Development Cost Schedule and Risk using AGI Software

August 2009

COTS open source freeware custom development COCOMO reuse maintenance licenses

Removal of Arbitrary Discontinuities in Atmospheric Density Modeling

February 2004

ballistic coefficient sequential estimation filter-smoother osculating polynomial splines LEO orbit determination ODTK discontinuity

Review of Conjunction Probability Methods for Short-term Encounters

February 2007

Orbital debris conjunction analysis covariance probability

Revisiting Spacetrack Report #3

August 2006

SGP general perturbations spacetrack space operations TLE

Sample Orbit Covariance Function and Filter-Smoother Consistency Tests

January 2008

covariance conjunction analysis sequential filter real-time tracking smoother gravity modeling bias

Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space (SOCRATES)

January 2005

SOCRATES conjunction analysis TLE automated VNC error

Scalable Trajectory Design with COTS Software

May 2014

scalability parallel extension trajectory orbit design

Sensitivities of Sun-Mars Libration Point Missions

August 2001

L1 L2 libration deep space Astrogator

Sequential Orbit Estimation with Sparse Tracking

February 2011

AAS 11-123 density batch least squares sparse tracking

SGP4 Orbit Determination

August 2008

propagation TLE orbit determination differential correction covariance

Simulating Space Surveillance Networks

August 2011

AAS 11-580 observations sensors SSN observations radar optical phased array

Simultaneous Precession Maneuver and Active Nutation Control

February 2001

Attitude maneuver spin stabilized precession active nutation control

Simultaneous Real Time Estimation of Atmospheric Density and Ballistic Coefficient

February 2004

Atmospheric drag gravity modeling LEO filter smoother

Software Architectur and Use of STK Astrogator for Libration Point Orbit Missions

June 2004

Astrogator Swngby Navigator maneuver planning trajectory design libration point L1 L2

Space Event Detection Via Robust Time Series Forecasting

April 2016

The ability to detect sudden and unexpected changes in the ephemerides of tracked space objects is a crucial feature of space event monitoring systems.

Space Standards, Rules, Innovation, and Inhibition

January 2005

space standards orbital debris working group

Space Surveillance - Lessons Learned From The Iridium-Cosmos Collision

June 2011

conjunction analysis collision Iridium Cosmos breakup analysis

Spin-Axis Attitude

February 2007

Spin-axis estimation sensors cost function lagrange multiplier method brute force incremental-vector incremental-angle

SSA Sensor Tasking for Improved Orbit Determination and Use of Ground Assets

September 2013

dynamic retasking orbit determination scheduling parametric analysis

Sun Mars Libration Points and Mars Mission Simulations

February 2001

Mars L1 L2 libration point Astrogator

Survey of Orbit Non-lineaer Effects in the Space Catalog

February 2010

space catalog ssa covariance conjunction orbit determination


October 2013

test evaluation Systemvue radar jamming

Targeting of Precession Maneuver with Active Nutation Control

August 2001

Attitude nutation control axisymmetric spinners

TDRS-3 Orbit Determination Across Unknown Maneuvers

May 2010

OD ODTK maneuvers optimal sequential filter anomaly smoother

Technical Analysis of Commercially Hosted Optical Payloads for Enhanced SSA

September 2010

GEO ground-based tracking host orbits hosted sensors SSA space-based data AMOS

The Debate over UTC and Leap Seconds

August 2010

leap second ITU UTC

The Demand for Automated Trade Studies and Optimization

June 2006

Analyzer parametric analysis data explorer gradient-based optimizer adaptive surrogate optimizer darwin genetic optimizer

The Many Triad Algorithms

February 2011

attitude vector observations triad algorithm

The Mean Solar Time Origin of Universal Time and UTC

March 2013

AAS 13-486 Earth rotation civil timekeeping newcomb mean solar time UTC

Time scales, their users, and leap seconds

July 2011

leap second time standards

Toroidal Path Filter

August 2011

filter conjunction analysis processing time optimization

Using Commercial Software to Enhance Commercial Imaging Acquisition

April 2011

Commercial imaging, remote sensing

Using EOP and Space Weather Data for Satellite Operations

August 2005

EOP space weather American Astronautical Society AAS

Validating SGP4 and IS-GPS-200D

February 2007

GPS precision SGP4 AAS American Astronautical Society Space Flight Mechanics Conference AIAA

Verifying Observational Data for Real World Space Situational Awareness

August 2011

AAS 11-439 SSA RFI interference conjunction analysis CA radio frequency space data association SDA owner operator

Visualization of Basic Astrodynamics and Attitude Concepts

August 2003

3D education attitude visualization astrodynamics orbits

What Happened to BLITS

September 2013

RCS anomaly debris Ball Lens in Space Laser Ranging