At AGI, we’ve been crafting breakthroughs since 1989. We have been used by hundreds of organizations and have played a critical role in some of the world’s most important air, space and defense programs. We are like no other company on Earth. So how do we do all that?

Our people

We have built a dream team. We have a critical mass of some truly incredible people that inspire and motivate each other to always go bigger, better and farther than thought possible. Meet some of the best and brightest minds in the world at AGI.

Our drive

We always run through the finish line. We always do the right thing. We always put the mission first. If you’ve ever been to our headquarters, you know what people mean when they tell us that they can feel the energy here.

Our innovation

Good enough is not a concept we understand. Improving and innovating are so deeply entrenched in our DNA that we spend 24% of revenue on Research and Development. It’s our way of life. Check out some of our patents.

Our support

We do whatever it takes to support our software. With a software renewal rate of over 90%, our customers would agree. Call us and you’ll get an engineer on the phone - we don’t have an automated system. We help you work through any problem no matter what it takes. Meet some of the team who supports you here.

Our fun

Like with everything else we do, we go the extra mile on our fun. So when we have our fireworks display at our picnic, we get certified and build the charges ourselves. When we have our rocket launch day, we build hilariously ill-fated rockets that we know have a catastrophic (but not dangerous) outcome. When we host a cocktail party, we turn a ballroom into a Casino for 1,000 people and give everyone boxers that say ‘Space Junk Matters’. Check out our blog for so many more great examples of our lighter side.

Working at AGI means seeing the world differently.

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