We see the world differently

At AGI, we’ve been crafting breakthroughs since 1989. Our software is integral to the success of hundreds of organizations throughout the aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries — among others. Some of the most important air, space, and defense programs of the past 30 years have relied on the products we build. We are like no other company on Earth. So how do we do all that?

Our people

We've assembled a company of some truly extraordinary people. At every desk and in every break room, you'll find people that inspire and motivate each other to redefine possible. And at AGI, we look out for each other. We’re more than a team. We’re a family.

Our drive

Good enough is never enough, so we only settle for achieving the best. We’re committed to our community, our country, and our allies, so we always do the right thing. We believe in a bright and secure future, so we’re doing our part to build one.

Our innovation

AGI was founded on the premise that there has to be a better way to solve the most technical challenges of the industries we serve. Improving and inventing are so deeply entrenched in our DNA that we spend 24% of our revenue on research and development. It’s our way of life.

Our support

We do whatever it takes to help you do what you need. With a software renewal rate of over 90%, our customers agree. Call us and you’ll get an engineer on the phone — we don’t have an automated system. Learn more by registering for our frequent training classes and webinars. Or support yourself, with thorough Help, self-paced tutorials, and a YouTube channel brimming with content.

Our fun

Everything that we apply to our work — passion, drive, inventiveness — we apply to our fun. At AGI, having fun is serious business. From impromptu Nerf shootouts in the office to elegant holiday parties in historic ballrooms, we know how to have a good time in any context. And we bring our sense of fun with us wherever we go.

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Here are some of the awards that AGI has been honored to receive.

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AGI Board Members

AGI is fortunate to be advised by our esteemed board members, all of whom have extensive experience and accolades within the industries we serve.

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AGI Experts

AGI’s technical team features industry experts with decades of experience in their respective fields.

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Meet the AGI Team

The AGI Executive Team represents more than 200 years of collective experience at AGI. The average tenure of these folks is more than 20 years.

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Contact AGI

Get in touch with us!

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International Resellers

AGI's international resellers serve our customers outside of the United States.

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Our partner network enhances our technology, broadens our portfolio of services and solutions, and serves our international customers.

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