AGI offers an extensive collection of products, organized into four product lines:

AGI also offers Space Situational Awareness products and services through our partner, COMSPOC.

You can explore the entire catalog of products from here, but you may find that it’s more efficient to review our Missions, Professions, and Life Cycle Phases pages. From these pages, you will be directed to the products that we think are particularly relevant to you.

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ODTK Product Line

Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK)

Process tracking data and generate orbit ephemeris with realistic covariance.

ODTK Space Situational Awareness

Reverse engineer spacecraft maneuvers, and examine and correct observation association problems.

Space Event Generator (SEG)

Simulate space events for Test, Training, and Exercise (TTX) support.

Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA)

Assess satellite risk and vulnerability.

TETK Bundle

A convenient bundle of products for test and evaluation professionals.

Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK)

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities.

STK Aviator

Model real-world flight operations and aircraft performance.

STK Aviator Pro / Prop Nav

Add guidance strategies, rotorcraft models, and missile models to your STK Aviator repertoire.

STK Distributed Simulation

Analyze distributed simulation data feeds in STK.

STK Real-Time Tracking Technology

Analyze live or simulated real-time data feeds.

STK Parallel Computing Server

Distribute computations to achieve faster execution times and higher resolution results.

STK Data Federate (SDF)

Centralize STK data with AGI’s web-based Content Management System.

STK Systems Bundle

Enhance STK with advanced analysis features, integration capabilities, and terrain and imagery.