Simulate space events for Test, Training, and Exercise (TTX) support.

As space becomes an increasingly dangerous environment for satellites, operators must be ready to detect and respond to potential threats. With Space Event Generator (SEG) — provided by our business partner, COMSPOC —  you can quickly develop high-fidelity simulations of space events to test detection algorithms, train operators, and perform readiness exercises.

SEG can simulate a wide assortment of space events, which describe types of behaviors conducted by satellites. These events can vary from simple maneuvers by single satellites to complex multi-satellite collisions and breakups. Link events together to create a scenario, select trackers and sensor cadences to process it, and produce a realistic set of simulated observations.

Use cases

  • Create a tailored operating procedure training program.
  • Support proof of concept studies (e.g., adding sensors).
  • Test system performance.
  • Develop tactics.


  • Create accurate, realistic, space scenarios without needing extensive astrodynamics expertise.
  • Rapidly generate simulated tracking observations and “truth” ephemeris.
  • Easier to use and more accurate than morphed historical data.
  • Communicate results with accurate 3D visualizations.