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Webinar: DME for Hypersonic Systems

On August 12, AGI will analyze a Hypersonic System as an example engineering life cycle, including trajectory design, thermal analysis and communication linkages.

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Digital Mission Engineering

Connecting the models to the mission.

The digital mission engineering approach.

The race to stay ahead can become the race to catch up in the time it takes you to snap your fingers. The traditional approach to developing engineering systems has been left by the side of the road. If you're still wrestling with stovepiped processes, purpose-built software tools, and incompatible data formats, you're living on borrowed time.

By adopting a digital mission engineering (DME) approach, you can dramatically reduce delivery times. Put your software to work accelerating your development, rather than putting work into your software and slowing your teams down. Here are three key aspects of DME that we'll explore in these slides.

  • Focus on what matters with a persistent mission thread.
  • Break down silos by creating an integrated ecosystem.
  • Test early and often to find problems before they become crises.

Focus on what matters.

Create a persistent mission thread.

The engineering or system lifecycle involves multiple stages and touch points from inception to sustainment. Each product or subsystem can connect to multiple systems — forming a larger, overwhelmingly complex "system of systems."

That's where DME software comes in.

By providing a persistent mission model that consistently ties back to the core purpose of any development project — the mission — DME software helps disparate teams maintain their focus and validate their work with respect to the greater purpose.

Break down silos.

Integrate your ecosystem.

Multiple phases.  Multiple teams.  Multiple tools.

With all the moving parts involved in developing, designing, engineering, testing, and operating today's complex aerospace and defense systems, information silos are hard to avoid. But, every one of them is disruptive at the least, and risky at the worst.

AGI's DME software is intrinsically integratable. And, our ecosystem of DME partners make it easy to create a DME software stack that openly exchanges information throughout all phases of the life cycle.  

Image from STK, COP with Weather

Test early and often.

Find problems before they become crises.

With DME software, you can measure the performance of your system against its mission and its operational context from the very first sketch to the final prototype.

Introducing test and evaluation activities from the beginning will help you spot issues before they become a threat to your entire program. 

Image from STK SatPro, AGI

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