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Space Symposium 2024

Join us at booth #1049 — April 8-11, 2024 — in Colorado Springs, Colorado to learn how simulation empowers brilliant innovators across civil, defense, and commercial programs.

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Space Foundation Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Ansys STK, who is being inducted into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame! For 30 years, STK has been employed for space mission planning, enabling the simulation of satellite trajectories, prediction of coverage areas, and optimization of mission parameters. It has also played a critical role in defense, where it is used for modeling missile trajectories, assessing interceptor capabilities, and optimizing missile defense systems.

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RF Channel Modeler

RF Channel Modeler offers a streamlined workflow for RF systems engineers to model large scale dynamic RF systems simulations while considering the effects and impacts of complex urban environments. With the incorporation of high resolution terrain, buildings, and other geospatial data, network engineers can realistically evaluate their RF systems designs and analyze high frequency signal propagation effects to anticipate real world performance.

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Ansys 2024 R1

With the 2024R1 release, the DME (Digital Mission Engineering) products continue to bring new features to enable pervasive mission-level simulation through model-based digital engineering methods.

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Your Mission

Find the Ansys software that fits your objectives.

Air Systems

Deliver systems faster and accelerate operational decision-making.

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Communications are essential to everything. Simulation is essential to communications.

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Geospatial Analysis

Put all your geospatial data to fast, effective use.

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Land, sea, air, space, cyber – today's missions demand systems that operate and communicate across all domains.

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Space Operations

Plan, design, build, and operate multi-faceted space missions.

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Plan, design, build, and operate multifaceted space missions.

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