Space operations are rarely confined to the domain of space. That is, many assets in space need to communicate with assets on Earth. To design and execute a successful mission, you need to integrate information and models from all domains and then simulate and analyze your system's performance in the variable conditions that can occur in space, on land, and everywhere in between.

And space operations really begin well before launch. You need to test designs early and often with digital prototypes. Reduce costs and accelerate your schedule by learning about problems that could be before they become problems that are. Then you can launch with confidence.

After launch, you need to detect and diagnose anomalies quickly. Maintain safe operations and maximize the return from your mission with accurate analytical modeling.

At Ansys, we understand these needs and the stakes involved in meeting them. Our software can help you significantly streamline processes and mitigate risks throughout your system’s life cycle. From a single satellite to a large constellation, a simple orbit to a maneuvering trajectory, a basic signal relay to an EOIR sensor – when it comes to space, Ansys software has a long history of helping you plan your future.

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