For Space Situational Awareness missions, automation is the answer.

The most valuable component of a Space Situational Awareness (SSA) operation is a highly accurate catalog. If you don't have excellent information about what's in the region of space you're concerned about, where it's been, and where it was last detected, then the cleverest algorithms and the brightest minds won't be able to help you.

But an SSA catalog isn't a static object. It's a living document, constantly refreshed with new track data and refined with correlation checks. You probably can't afford the expense of how many people it would take to maintain your catalog manually. You definitely can't afford the inefficiency of doing it that way.

With AGI software you can eliminate a host of the routine, repetitive tasks that are necessary to maintain your catalog of orbiting space objects at a state of readiness. The “standard” of legacy government systems with hundreds of employees can be efficiently replaced by a single-digit team of operators managing these automated processes.

Devote your time and expertise to solving problems using the data, rather than solving problems about the data.

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