AGI’s SWARM solution is an end-to-end training and simulation tool tailored to the orbital operations needs of today’s space analysts. With defined training roles and workflows, SWARM’s dynamic space training environment provides users with an immersive, fully simulated space domain in which realistic on-orbit events can be configured and simulated.

SWARM is structured to enable "White Cell" event/game simulation and exercise oversight coordination across "Red Cell" and "Blue Cell" participants, creating unique orbital operation exercises that can be designed to increase an operator’s space domain awareness and enhance skill sets necessary to quickly address vulnerabilities and analyze course-of-action considerations at a simulated operational cadence. Participants collaborate across their roles and disciplines to provide command-level decision support by understanding the impacts of trajectory design decisions, tracking data collection opportunities, orbital predictions, and other aspects of on-orbit operations under simulated conditions and scenarios.

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  • Exquisite Orbital Dynamics – Full Physics Environment
  • Integrated Orbit Determination and Sensor Scheduling
  • Integration of Platform and Payload Models (USSF and Partners)
  • Real-Time Clock Control and Performance
  • Multiple Personas for Training Environment [Training Audience (Blue Cell) | (Red Cell) and Exercise Control Group (White Cell)]
  • Lightweight Web-Based Form Factor and Workflow
  • Interfaces with STK and ODTK for Exercise Development and Debrief


Simulated Spacecraft Tracking Data

High accuracy sensor tasking and measurement processing

Flexible Training Framework

Simulated operational scenarios prepare on-orbit operators for real world situations

Streamlined Analytics and Decision Support Tools

Easily analyze and understand trade-offs between considered courses of action

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