Test & Evaluation Tool Kit – don’t let the name fool you

AGI’s Test & Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK) extends STK with a focus on improving overall efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities.  However, in today’s digital mission engineering (DME) environments “test and evaluation activities” don’t just occur in the traditional test phase of your program.  Assessment of your maturing system models and components against realistic mission environments should start from the earliest CONOPS phase and extend through requirements development, design, test, training, and ultimately operations.

TETK contributes to system assessment events throughout the product lifecycle.  TETK can help you:

  • Identify system performance criteria critical for mission success early in the lifecycle, and evaluate the system against these criteria in all subsequent phases.
  • Build and validate test plans in a manner that maximizes test point density and reduces retest rates.
  • Deliver real-time test assessment.
  • Accelerate post-event assessment, result validation, and forensics.
  • Effectively communicate with pre-test and post-test stakeholders at customized levels of technical detail using compelling 4D visuals and charts.

Don’t get trapped into thinking of test & evaluation activities through the lens of the traditional product lifecycle.  Mission centric T&E should be a persistent focus from day one, and TETK can help.


Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK)

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities.