Add some dimension to your antenna volume graphics

In the current version of STK, you can display 3D antenna volumes and set your own explicit contour levels for the antenna gain. This feature allows you to choose which gain levels are pertinent and their appropriate color.

  1. Create an antenna and define its properties.
  2. After applying changes, go to 3D Graphics Properties->Attributes and enable Show Volume.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Explicit Levels for Gain Coloring.
  4. Add the levels by entering absolute gain values or entering values that are relative to 0 dB maximum (by enabling the Relative to Maximum checkbox).
  5. Enter the values explicitly or use the Start, Stop, Step method.
  6. Within the level attributes, select custom colors for each gain level.

Example antenna volume explicit levels are shown below.

Examples of antennas available in STK follow.

Phased Array
External Antenna Pattern
Pencil Beam

The following video shows Phased Array antenna volume animation.


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