Interested in moving to the next level in your simulation?

Then get ready to try a full hardware-in-the-loop simulation by coupling STK with the RT Logic TC400CS Channel Simulator.

STK is an exceptional tool for modeling physics accurate RF signals in a dynamic environment. But sometimes STK users need to move to the next step, from a pure software simulation into a precise hardware-in-the-loop testing.

The channel simulator provides hardware in the loop RF signal emulation, and it works as a hardware extension of STK, completely integrated into STK, working seamlessly with STK scenarios, allowing testing of hardware, software, and firmware of the TC400CS.

This approach offers a great way to reduce costs and possible dangers of a live test, using an efficient and reliable alternative, which also allows  repeatability of tests, in different conditions.

The alternative in this case foresees the connection between RTLogic Channel Simulator and STK, under the control of STK that models the dynamic conditions of the RF signal, which working side by side with the RTLogic TC400CS can model the following signal effects: Doppler shift, time delay, attenuation, multipath fading, AWGN, interference, filtering and phase noise. The integration is performed via a UI Plugin, which RTLogic distributes, that sends a signal generated to the Channel Simulator in real-time.

The available instrument configurations include a simple GUI interface, a remote programming interface, and a text-based format for creating your own dynamic simulation files.


Roberto Gemma

Roberto manages the international application engineering team.

Systems Tool Kit (STK)

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