Lessons learned from software development

  • Jul 8, 2019
  • Article

AGI has recently celebrated its 30th birthday. That means, since 1989 we have been writing code for complex aerospace missions, implementing new features that require highly precise calculations, and trying to build products that our customers never even knew they needed. Over that time, we have accumulated a tremendous amount of lessons learned from developing software in the rapidly changing and highly technical aerospace domain.

As many of our customers know all too well, software development can definitely be a pain. Large space and defense missions often require developing complex software that can be a drain on resources. Even worse, aerospace missions have often been delayed and set back due to software development issues. So what can you do?

Our vision for our company is to help create a dramatically more efficient and effective aerospace and national security environment. That is why our director of technical project management, Dr. Vince Coppola, has created a tech talk to share some of our lessons learned from software development. Watch Vince talk about some of the issues that we have personally encountered and some suggestions for more efficient software development.