Urban Propagation Tutorial

How can you as a parent pick your favorite child? You can't, but I am going to let you in on the name of my favorite child, but don’t tell my other kids. The name of my favorite child is Modeling Propagation Loss in an Urban Environment Wooters. Don’t laugh, it’s a family name.

Ok, so while the name of my human child isn’t Modeling Propagation Loss in an Urban Environment, it is the name of my favorite tutorial. And to me, the technical writer of these tutorials, every tutorial is like my child.

The story of my favorite tutorial is very simple, you are in a patrol vehicle attempting to communicate with a command post in an urban environment. You utilize STK to determine where you have gaps in communication limitations like buildings, alleyways, etc. You may need to alter the planned route based on the whether you can communicate with HQ or not based on when you lose communication.

I won’t spoil the results of the tutorial in this blog post, but you will learn how to do the following:

  • Add STK objects (facilities, satellites, sensors)
  • Add Comm objects (transmitters, receivers)
  • Use the Urban Propagation Model
  • Load in a city Shapefile
  • Compute Object Coverage
  • Attach a Figure of Merit
  • Define Coverage over a city

If that bulleted list doesn’t get you excited about learning Urban Propagation, maybe this sneak peek picture can:



Urban Propagation

Compute urban environment losses in RF communications.