When it really is rocket science

AGI’s Educational Alliance Program (EAP) is very important to us. Why? We love to see what amazing projects and breakthrough findings students across the globe are working on with Systems Tool Kit (STK). We wanted to share this specific EAP story with you.

Rocket Propulsion, Classical Relativity, and the Oberth Effect

AGI is proud to highlight a recent paper in The Physics Teacher by Dr. Philip Blanco (Grossmont College) & Dr. Carl Mungan (U.S. Naval Academy) on Rocket Propulsion, Classical Relativity, and the Oberth Effect. Rocket science isn't easy for teachers to convey to students, and muddled explanations of the Oberth Effect abound online, but these guys clearly show what happens to a rocket AND its expelled fuel when it fires an impulse in orbit - with the help of STK's Astrogator package provided under the EAP.

Read the paper and watch the supporting STK movie.

Rocket Propulsion, Classical Relativity, and the Oberth Effect

When asked how he became such an expert with our software, Philip replied: “I learned to use Astrogator the easy way - by attending AGI’s online trainings with Novarah Kazmi and Craig Wooters!”

The EAP allows educators to introduce a new dimension to the classroom by giving students hands-on experience with AGI software. Created in 1996, the program now serves thousands of students at academic institutions worldwide. The EAP provides eligible colleges, universities, military training institutions, high schools, and nonprofit educational groups with licensing of AGI products for instructional use. For more information on the EAP, please email

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