Dr. Doug Cather

Dr. Doug Cather

Space Operations Technical Director

Doug has over thirty-three years of experience in all phases of space operations, mission and systems analysis, and application development.

Before joining AGI, Doug spent twenty-five years with TRW/Northrop Grumman, working on civil, DOD, and IC space missions. He was among the first in the industry to automate daily orbital operations, starting in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has since been the primary architect of three more generations.

Doug holds several patents related to non-cooperative maneuver detection and characterization. He has extensive experience in trajectory and station-keeping planning and execution. He also has operations experience with launch and early orbit, routine mission, end-of-life, and special mission operations.

Doug is entirely off the grid and proud of it – with a solar-powered home somewhere in Colorado where he drives a big diesel truck.

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