Dr. Haroon Rashid

Dr. Haroon Rashid

Senior Advisory Engineer

Haroon Rashid, Ph.D., is a senior advisory engineer with AGI’s products group. Haroon leads a team that develops analysis capabilities for communications, navigation, and radar systems for Systems Tool Kit (STK). His team collaborates with AGI’s customers to ensure that STK satisfies their requirements for interference analysis. Haroon also works, at the international level, to resolve issues related to frequency spectrum sharing. In this capacity, Haroon has helped to represent the FCC at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for establishing ITU-R recommendations.

Before coming to AGI, Haroon worked for the Saudi Arabian Department of Defense, where he was a senior advisor on a joint USAF – Saudi Arabian Air Force project. He has also taught electrical engineering at the University of Arkansas. While at the University of Arkansas, Haroon participated in artificial intelligence research for the USAF Office of Scientific Research.

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