New! Auto-Routing Library

The Auto-Routing Library is now available for .NET, Java and Silverlight! STK Components users can now automatically generate routes for multiple aircraft to search target regions, avoid cordon areas and more. The Auto-Routing Library is the result of a partnership between AGI and Primordial and is built on top of the existing Route Design Library. The Route Design Library provides many tools for creating a variety of complex routes out of both standard and user-created segments. Auto-Routing Library automates much of the route creation process, allowing you to quickly and easily create routes which observe targeted points and areas. After creating routes, their component RouteSegments are still available if a finer level of modification or analysis is required. Want to learn more? Sign up for today's (November 14 at 1:30 p.m. EST) free DIY online demo, where we'll use Auto-Routing Library to coordinate multiple aircraft in an exhaustive search of a region, while also observing specific points and avoiding keep-out zones. You can also go to our Product Explorer page, view the Auto-Routing Library Documentation Overview or, if you have a feature request or questions about extending the Auto-Routing Library to implement custom functionality, please feel free to contact us.

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