STK Grand Master Certification is Here!

You have been waiting for it… and it is here! The Level 3 – STK Grand Master Certification has just been released! We added a third level of certification after many requests from users who want to get even more proficient in STK.

STK Grand Master Certification expands on the Level 2 Master Certification by breaking STK’s advanced modeling and analytical functions into 7 individual tracks focused on different application areas:

  • Track 1: STK Essentials
  • Track 2: Analysis Workbench
  • Track 3: STK Coverage
  • Track 4: Aircraft
  • Track 5: Communications
  • Track 6: Spacecraft Trajectory
  • Track 7: Space Environment

Upon completion of any track, you will receive a laser-etched glass cube with a randomly-selected STK graphic.

Upon completion of at least 4 of the tracks, you will become Level 3 Certified and receive an large etched-glass sphere. You pick the four tracks of interest to you and you become an STK Grand Master!

If you are already Level 1 – STK Certified and Level 2 – STK Master Certified, register to become a Level 3 – STK Grand Master now! If you are not Level 1 or Level 2 Certified, what are you waiting for? Start on your path to becoming an STK Grand Master!


Systems Tool Kit (STK)

The most important thing on your desktop.

STK Specialized Modules

Add mission-specific depth to STK with sophisticated modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities for any domain.

STK Systems Bundle

Enhance STK with advanced analysis features, integration capabilities, and terrain and imagery.