Analyzer makes some bold moves with the new 11.7 release

Analyzer 11.7 just got speedier and more accurate than ever before. Read on to see how.

  • Scale Trade Studies in Parallel using STK Scalability Extension. The Parallel Computing Extension is now available for STK Analyzer, which  enables you to do more calculations in a lot less time. How much less time you ask? Check out this blog or  video for the answer.
  • Consistent Computational Results using STK Extremum. Use of STK’s Extremum data in Analyzer gives it an even higher fidelity than it had before. Using the extremum data (Min, Max, and Mean) enables Analyzer to match the high physics analysis of STK.

Improving the Customer Experience

We are working on addressing customer issues, and to that end, we've just made your experience with Analyzer better in the following areas:

  • Better support for European operating systems.
  • Corrected customer-found issues associated with Walker and Access trade studies.
  • Corrected customer-found issues associated with Date/Time.

We aren’t done yet, so please send your issues or enhancement requests to our customer support representatives and we will get to work! 

Do you use Model Center? Great! Except for the Parallel capability, these improvements are also reflected in the STK Model Center Plugin, which is included in the Analyzer install.

So download Analyzer 11.7 from for use with STK 11.7 today!

To learn more about Analyzer, see the Analyzer brochure and  Analyzer release notes.


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