STK Customization in Taiwan

Do you like STK’s 2D Map and 3D Globe windows, but want to develop your own custom GUI to better meet your users' specific needs? Maybe you want to streamline your analysis and automate the scenario creation and results by just clicking one or two buttons instead of twenty.

Well, you can do that and more with STK Engine. STK Engine is a software development kit (SDK) that provides an Application Programming Interface (API).   

You can use STK Engine  to add STK’s visualization and physics-based analysis to your own custom application. You can embed 2D and 3D views into any program that supports ActiveX controls—including Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You have the option to add communications link analysis, radar analysis, trajectory design, dynamic coverage, attitude analysis, and conjunction analysis to your deployed application. This significantly increases the overall flexibility of the software and provides the ability to replace the STK GUI with your own.


STK Engine functionality was recently implemented in Taiwan by the National Space Organization (NSPO). As current customers of our STK desktop product, NSPO wanted to promote AGI’s software capabilities to a larger audience in Taiwan, but the language barrier proved to create some challenges when learning how to use the product.

By embedding the graphics windows into a custom application, they created their own GUI to showcase basic analysis, such as adding certain satellites and ground stations, and computing access and link budget calculations. The best part is they were able to incorporate Chinese to introduce more potential users to the power of STK.  

Our STK Engine SDK includes full documentation and tutorials to help you get started with creating your own custom application. We even include code samples and snippets in multiple languages (C#, .NET, MATLAB, and Python) to help jumpstart your development efforts. 


STK Engine

Add STK’s capabilities to your existing software or build custom applications.

Developer Tools

Extend your existing software or create custom applications with AGI technology.