STK Test & Evaluation Toolkit 1.6 is here!

STK Test & Evaluation Toolkit has a new release available for download. T&E 1.6 delivers more tools for evaluating data from tests conducted on mission plans.

This release includes several improvements, including:
  • More Measures of Performance (MOPs) in the Track Comparison Workflow, such as range error components in a selected reference frame
  • New Direct MOPs Workflow that enables you to create MOPS and run a report
  • Improved the Reference Frame Workflow to create a frame to highlight the origin of data
  • Tracks workflow now allows for mapping, creation, and visualization of velocity covariance
  • Improved the Flight Analysis Tool Interval and Contour lines to enable you to specify both a vertical and horizontal offset. 
  • The Data Importer received the following updates:
    • Now supports Velocity Covariance and exports it to STK
    • The Data Mapping tool now allows mapping of the covariance columns. You can also display the covariance in the 3D window.
    • You can reopen the Data Importer window and append data files to the ownship
    • You can specify a relative time down to microseconds
  • Added wind frame support to the Line Racetrack and Curved Racetrack which pushes the aircraft around due to wind.  This is very noticeable if the maneuvers are repeated as the aircraft will not fly over the previous path.
  • Added a Fast Animation toggle to Graphs to make animation updates noticeably faster. If enabled, a few features are no longer available, such as connecting graph points.

For more information about the release, refer to our What's New page. 

To learn more about TETK, read the Test & Evaluation Tool Kit brochure.

TETK 1.6 is now included in the STK 11.7 downloads.


Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK)

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities.