The New Way to Join a Virtual Training Class

Have you ever wanted to join us for a virtual training class, but haven’t been able? Maybe you have a MAC and are unable to run STK on an emulator. Maybe you’re running an older version of STK and couldn’t upgrade in time. Maybe you had trouble with the license file provided to you for the class. Well, no matter what the reason was, we now have a solution that makes it virtually impossible to not join us for a class – STK Cloud.  

STK Cloud provides browser-based access to STK from any computer with internet access. It really is that simple. You just need an account and a HTML5-capable browser (IE is not recommended) that allows web-socket connections. This means that if you had planned on joining us for a virtual training class, which requires an internet connection anyway, you can now use STK Cloud to participate hands-on without worrying about anything else. Just boot up your computer, join the GTW, and click the STK Cloud link provided to you in your confirmation email and you’re ready to go. 

When you use STK Cloud for a virtual training class, you will be provided with access to almost all STK modules for 3 days. This means you can join us for the class, follow along with the instructor, and save your work to the STK Data Federate (SDF). Using your account login, you can then access and download your saved files and open them from any computer via a web-connected browser to revisit or reuse at another time.   

Before STK Cloud, you could use STK Desktop only on a computer where it was installed and fully licensed. We know this can be challenging to set up in some work environments. Additionally, if you’ve participated in virtual training classes with us before, you know that we frequently provide starter scenarios or supporting files that are required for the training. Another benefit of using STK Cloud is that all of those things are accessible on the web instance without having to download anything on your own. All the set up logistics are essentially taken care of for you.  

If this sounds appealing and you’ve been wondering how you can join an STK training class, give it a shot using STK Cloud. Visit for a complete list of classes and register for one today. When you register, please be sure to check the box saying you want to use STK Cloud – we offer it as an option for ALL virtual training classes.  You don’t need to worry if you don't have Windows. You don’t need to worry about licenses. You don’t need to worry about the version of STK. There aren’t any excuses! So open your web-connected browser and join us now!  


STK Cloud

STK in your browser.