New Level 2: STK Master Integration Certification

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Blog Post
We are excited to introduce a new certification that rewards the STK coders out there! Level 2: STK Master Integration Certification gives industry recognition to those who automate STK’s processes with Python. You will write code to create an STK scenario, modify its properties, and extract data.   

This certification will test your ability to integrate STK with the Python programming language. You use Python and Jupyter Notebooks to run blocks of code throughout the 7 exercises. With each instructional exercise, you will progress from an introductory integrator to a STK Master Integrator. Also, you will learn about additional resources to help with your coding, like the STK Programming Help. 

You can take this certification on your own or as an instructor guides you through the exercises in our two-part virtual training series. Register for the series! After those classes, you will be prepared to complete the certification.  

To take this Level 2 certification, you must complete the Level 1: STK Certification. Also, we recommend reviewing basic Python coding from Python’s website. Just like all of our certifications, you will receive a special gift once certified! Register for the certification!