Using STK Components in Python

Have you ever wanted to use Python to create something in STK Components? While currently available in C# and Java, you can integrate the Components Java API in Python using the JPype package.  

By integrating STK Components with Python, you have full access to Java libraries, STK Components, and Python modules within one program. JPype makes Python look like Java and vice versa, so programmers who are experienced in either language won't face a significant learning curve. Using Java classes within Python is easy because JPype has made the Python code look like actual Java code. You will be able to use all the capabilities of STK Components with the data analysis and visualization tools that are native to Python. 

We created a demo script and corresponding documentation to walk you through setting everything up and getting started with your analysis. Our demo shows you how to create a Hohmann Transfer from an initial orbit with an apogee of 10,000 km and perigee of 7,071 km to a final orbit with eccentricity of 0.1 and apogee of 42,000 km. The demo then analyzes the results of the Hohmann Transfer using Python-native tools and creates a ground track and graphs for fuel over time, altitude over time, and speed over time.  

Check it out here!

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