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My three younger cousins love space and proudly wear the astronaut suits I got them while supporting NASA Goddard as a field engineer. Every spring, I speak to the fourth graders at their elementary school after they learn about the solar system. I teach them about the exciting space science missions that AGI has supported. I also teach other space-related concepts using STK, such as why the Moon has phases, how the Moon does not have a “dark side,” and how the Earth has rings now. These concepts can be hard to verbalize but are made simpler by using STK analytics and visualization.

This past spring my talk was cancelled due to the pandemic. I’m unsure when I will get the chance to engage at schools and in other in-person STEM outreach events, so I recorded a few of my STK lessons. Use these kid-friendly videos to teach the future engineers in your life while you learn more about STK along the way.

AGI also supports a fantastic organization called Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology (GETT). GETT usually has a huge event every spring, but this year we moved to a series of virtual webcasts. I, along with some other amazing women at AGI, hosted a virtual scavenger hunt in Space that you can watch here:


Systems Tool Kit (STK)

Modeling and simulation software for digital mission engineering and systems analysis.

Conjunction Analysis

Detect and assess potential collisions in space.