STK Test and Evaluation Tool Kit 2.1 Release

Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK) 2.1 has hit the digital shelves along with the recent release of STK 12.2. This release comes with several new features to help you produce more effective analyses than ever before. Check out our video to see a few of these new features in action.

Highlighted Features:

  • MultiGraph supports overlapping Y-axes. 
  • Time array animation mode animates by a time array to step through track data containing irregular times. 
  • Data display improvements, including a new bar gauge display and support for contour coloring. 
  • Improved track-to-truth matching workflow performance. 
  • Visualization of 3D search volume graphics for azimuth/elevation/range deltas in the track-to-truth matching workflow. 
  • Advanced data displays with scalable vector graphic support. 

Learn more:

TETK 2.1 requires STK 12.2. Please download STK 12.2 to upgrade to TETK 2.1.


Test and Evaluation Tool Kit (TETK)

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of test and evaluation activities.